July 26, 2018


Lots Rangers Cowboys* College Games* /
Lot 1 $25 $35 $30
Lot 2 $25 $35 $30
Lot 5 $30

Closed for 2020 Season

Lot 6 $35 +
free round trip

Closed for 2020 Season

All prices are subject to change. Prices vary for other types of events that may not be listed below.

*Premium tailgate spaces for all events at AT&T Stadium are available on a first come, first serve basis for an additional $10 charge.
Premium tailgate spaces have approximately 10×20 feet of additional grass space and are located in the front of the lot with a view of the Stadium.

Please contact us via phone at (817) 914-4252 to reserve premium spaces ahead of time.

For some events, we offer two parking options: regular parking and premium parking. Premium parking guarantees a premium parking space with an adjacent grassy area ideal for tailgating. Due to high demand, premium parking rates are higher than regular parking rates.

Both regular and premium parking reservations guarantee your parking space throughout the duration of the event. For this reason, drive-up rates may or may not be lower than reservation rates.